Best Lunchbox Meals for Diabetic Children

When packing lunches for a diabetic child, you need to provide balanced, nutritional meals that have all the nutrients and energy that a growing body needs. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Use wraps instead of bread. The two slices of bread that it takes to make a sandwich may be more carbs than your child needs in one meal. A single whole wheat wrap is a better option. Another option instead of two slices of bread is to give your child some whole wheat crackers to eat along-side meat and cheese.

Avoid bread products altogether and opt for finger foods. Nix the high-nitrate lunch meats and instead opt for cold, fresh meats like turkey breast slices, chicken fingers or pulled pork.

Peanut butter is usually a great option, but many schools ban it now due to peanut allergies. If your child loved his peanut butter, try almond butter or sunflower seed butter instead. Other spreads your child might like include hummus or tahini.

Keep veggies cleaned and ready to go in the fridge, such as baby peeled carrots, celery sticks, cucumber spears and broccoli florets. It’s easy to just grab a handful and throw them into a baggie or container for lunch.

Don’t make your child feel deprived—include snacks. Fresh fruit, raisins, trail mix made of dried fruits and seeds, 100 calorie bags of cookies, low sugar granola bars or baked chips make great options so your child will feel satisfied.

Photo: Easy Lunch Boxes