Summers with Diabetes: Protecting Yourself from the Heat

You might be looking forward to some summer fun, but don't let the heat beat you. With diabetes, the warm, humid weather brings on a set of special concerns. Prepare yourself, and you can enjoy the hazy, lazy days of summer without incident.


Anyone can get dehydrated running around under the sun and sweating, but when you're a diabetic you're even more at risk. When your blood sugar is high, your kidneys work overtime, and you are more susceptible to dehydration. Make sure to keep those cool water bottles on hand during the summer months.


All that heat and all those fun summer activities can really take a toll on your metabolism. Avoid overexerting yourself during the hottest part of the day, and keep snacks handy.


Skin cancer shouldn't be your only concern. Sunburns can wreak havoc on a diabetic's metabolism. Since diabetes can have difficulty healing, it also puts you at risk for infection. Cover up, or use sunscreen.

Foot Problems

Speaking of infection, it's not wise to go barefooting at the beach or around the poolside. Get yourself a pair of rubber swim shoes for when you want to get wet. Don't let your feet stay wet or you'll promote foot fungus growth-- after taking a dip, dry off and put on your dry shoes.

Protect Your Supplies

Your glucose, oral meds, pump, test strips and even your glucose meter can be effected by the heat and humidity. Keep them in containers with tight-fitting lids, out of direct sun, and as close to room temperature as possible.

Don't leave supplies in a car when it’s not running, unless you have a cooler-- but don't put your glucose directly on ice, or it will lose potency.

Taking these precautions will help you navigate any potential problems like a pro.

Photo: Sand Cloud Apparel