Apple Announces Diabetes Watch to Help Monitor Glucose Levels Effectively

Instead of sticking yourself a few times per day with a lancet, how would you like to just be able to look at your watch to check your blood sugar? This technology is on the way, and Apple is behind it.

The Product

Dexcom, a medical device making company, teamed up with Apple to create an implantable glucose monitor. Using your IPhone or Apple Watch, diabetics will be able to get real time readings of blood glucose levels at a glance.

Dexcom's product is a glucose monitoring patch worn continuously. Until recently, diabetics had to carry around a small device, similar to a pager, to get read-outs. With the Apple apps, they'll be able to use their own electronic devices.

Convenient Management

The cost of treating diabetes is skyrocketing-- an estimated $376 billion per year is spent on the disease.

Simple devices like these can not only lower that cost, but can help patients avert disasters. Making diabetes management convenient and cost effective will help people take care of themselves!

Photo: Design To Trend